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All our most popular print products are available to order online. If you know the specifications of the print you’d like, the process is straight forward. This guide should help you through the process but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want advice on what to order.

1 . Choosing your Print

Before you choose your print, the best thing to do is know a couple of things in advance.

  1. What quantity are you looking for?
  2. Is it double or single sided or if it’s a brochure how many pages/pp (in multiples of 4 and including the cover) is the document
  3. What weight of paper or card are you expecting. Heres the way we tend to think of it.
    1. Photocopier paper is 80-120gsm, and our letterheads and compliment slips are  120gsm astandard
    2. Leaflets of a good enough quality that you don’t see the print on the back are normally 150gsm+
    3. Posters tend to be 200gsm+ because of there size. Also the weight of a thicker cover of a brochure
    4. Normal business card  can be between 350gsm – 450gsm
    5. 815gsm is the thickest we offer and thats for our premium laminated cards.
  4. When do you need it? With many of our products we offer upto 3 leadtimes from 2 days.2-4 days and 7-10days this is the do you should receive the item but does not include the day of ordering and requires the supply of correct artwork by 3:30pm

If the specs are a little complicated give us a call, use the online chat or drop an email to and we’d be happy to help

2. Ordering the print online

When you are happy with your chosen printed products, all you need to do is to add it to the basket and either continue shopping to add more or head to the checkout. Because we deal with businesses principally rather than consumers we add VAT at the checkout rather than include it in the initial price. You also have the opportunity to add voucher or discount codes if you have them.  You’ll be asked to submit payment via a credit or debit  card using a payment processor “Stripe”. alternatively you can use Paypal. If for any reason, you can’t make payment via these methods, we also accept BAC’s transfer or cheque but payment needs to be cleared prior to orders being started, so give us a call or email if you need to do this.

3. Upload your print artwork files (PDF’s)

Once the payments gone through the final step is to upload your artwork. Ideally we need Adobe PDF files with a 3mm bleed, in CMYK  and at a minimum of 300dpi., if that means absolutely nothing to you. send us your artwork file anyway.

Our policy on incorrect artwork:

It’s our goal to give you great print every time without you needing to know everything about design to do it.

  1. If we can fix it, to make it suitable to print without taking more than 10 minutes, we’ll do it for free, normally this will have no affect on the delivery time.
  2. If we can do but it looks like it will take longer than the Graphics Designers will need to get involved and we charges £18.75ex-VAT per 15 min block. We’ll always let you know it thats necessary and explain why.
  3. If it’s something we just can’t fix, we’ll let you know and explain why and what needs to be done to fix it and whilst we need a few things like logos from you, we will always give you the option for us to fix it if possible.

With ALL Jobs you”ll receive an email with the artwork ready for print (a PDF Proof) and we currently do this manually to ensure a human eye has checked everything. 



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